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Pastelaria Santo Antonio com horários de abertura. Quando é que o Pastelaria Santo Antonio está aberto? Aqui pode ver se o restaurante está aberto agora

Quais são os horários de abertura do site Pastelaria Santo Antonio? Quando o Pastelaria Santo Antonio está aberto? Aqui você pode encontrar as respostas para as suas perguntas. O horário de abertura deste Taberna foi verificado por várias fontes. Então você pode ter certeza de que você não vai não está mais aberto. O horário comercial atual pode variar devido à pandemia.

Horário de funcionamento

  • Segunda-feira 08:00 - 19:00
  • Terça-feira Fechadas
  • Quarta-feira Fechadas
  • Quinta-feira Fechadas
  • Sexta-feira Fechadas
  • Sábado Fechadas
  • Domingo Fechadas


  • Endereço: Lisboa, Rua Do Milagre De Santo Antonio 10
  • Telefone: +351218871717
  • Local na rede Internet: cardapio.menu


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Located in Lisbon’s Castelo district at Rua Milagre Santo António Pastelaria Santo António is the most recent winner of Portugal’s “National Tasting of Pastel de Nata,” and for those willing to ascend the hills and wait in line at opening the reward is warm, flaky, delicate and perceivably less sweet than the competition. Currently opening at daily, with a small group gathering twenty minutes prior as the lone Baker works in an open kitchen, it is immediately on entry that the smell of baking Bread is evident – even though some items may not be fully ready until later.Made larger by upstairs seating, though locals seem to take their items to-go, it was after ordering that a young clerk said “here’s one more, you’re going to want it” as he placed another Tart on the tray already containing more than enough Carbs for one.Smart to begin and end with Santo António’s signature, the best Tart tasted across fifteen eateries in five days, those seeking something savory should certainly consider the Chicken Pie inside a golden Crust while the Port Wine Croissant is also pretty special, even though it lacks much honeycombing in the middle.