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O Vinhaca com horários de abertura. Quando é que o O Vinhaca está aberto? Aqui pode ver se o restaurante está aberto agora

Estamos felizes em estar abertos para você. Nosso horário de abertura atual pode ser encontrado na tabela. Nunca mais fique na frente de portas fechadas! Basta verificar com antecedência se ainda estamos abertos. Porque nada é pior do que procurar uma vaga de estacionamento, então caminhe até o restaurante para descobrir que o restaurante ainda não está aberto. Basta verificar online se o O Vinhaca ainda está aberto.

Liga para o restaurante em (+351)968047184 para perguntar sobre os horários de abertura ou para pedir férias fechadas. Reserva também uma mesa para ti.

Horário de funcionamento

  • Segunda-feira 18:00 - 22:00
  • Terça-feira Fechadas
  • Quarta-feira Fechadas
  • Quinta-feira Fechadas
  • Sexta-feira Fechadas
  • Sábado Fechadas
  • Domingo Fechadas


  • Endereço: Rua Do Salvador, N. 53, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Telefone: +351968047184
  • Local na rede Internet: cardapio.menu


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The power of of this place in the extremely high qualitg of the ingredients and the very essential way to cook it. If your ingredients are top notch, you Dont need anything to make them taste good. This is exactly the magic that is happening here.Octopus was incredible, the right amount of spices and cooked to perfection. the tuna absolutely amazing, sushi grade. Melted in my mouth, ordered it basically blue rare. Portions are large with one plate u can feed Definetly people, or depends on hom much u normally eat. No ridicolous tapas with potatos in it. Wine collection is parge and please be prepared for which kind of flavour u want. if u are not, follow the suggestion of the owner. He knows about cooking and wines, he will recommend the best for what u chosen. He seems taking extreme proud in his food, and u can see it in the quality of the dishes that are coming up From this kitchen. Dessert was aligned in quality with all the rest of the food, not of my personal taste but flavour wise, nothing that I can complain of. Excellent coffee. If u are looking for good honest food, with an essential but complete menu this is the place you want to be. You need to book to come here, I have been bounced myself and seen several people bounced back during the night.Place is not easily found, is located in the beginning of a small alley, but nothing that Google map cannot find.

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