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Cais D 4 com horários de abertura. Quando é que o Cais D 4 está aberto? Aqui pode ver se o restaurante está aberto agora

Quais são os horários de abertura do site Cais D 4? Quando o Cais D 4 está aberto? Aqui você pode encontrar as respostas para as suas perguntas. O horário de abertura deste Taberna foi verificado por várias fontes. Então você pode ter certeza de que você não vai chega fora do horário de funcionamento. O horário comercial atual pode variar devido à pandemia.

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  • Segunda-feira Fechadas
  • Terça-feira 19:30 - 00:00
  • Quarta-feira 19:30 - 00:00
  • Quinta-feira 19:30 - 00:00
  • Sexta-feira 19:30 - 00:00
  • Sábado 19:30 - 00:00
  • Domingo Fechadas


  • Endereço: Rua Moinho de Vento n0 216 GPS, Leca da Palmeira, Portugal, Senhora da Hora
  • Telefone:
  • Local na rede Internet: cardapio.menu


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I went already, at least, three times to this restaurant. Always to have dinner.Cais D 4 is placed in a little street in Leça da Palmeira, facing with another restaurants.It's really a little restaurant, but it has a very nice decor with several beautiful and distinctive elements.... the chairs, the sofas, the lamps, the lights, the tableware, the mirrors... everything was choosen with a great sense of harmony and beauty. Nothing was left to chance here, and you will feel very comfortable in this space.The service was nice and helpful. On the last time I went there (yesterday) it was the daughter of the owner of the restaurant who served us. She is a courteous lady.On the other times, that I went there, it was a waiter who attended us. And he was, also, very professional.About the food: the menu has an average number of options, between starters, main courses and desserts. It have a bit of everything and it's appealing.Yesterday, we had the Porto Restaurant Week Menu. I had pumpkin soup with asparagus, for starter, chicken gratin in the oven with potatoes and sautéed vegetables, for main course, and tart tatin with pear and nuts icecream, for dessert.The pumpkin soup was good but it was almost cold. The chicken was delicious!!! It had a different spice, which was really tasty!!The dessert was normal.Overall, it was a good meal, for 20€.On the other times I went at Cais D 4, I ate always from the menu and the experience was very good.I enjoy this restaurant and I will return more times, here.

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We called for a reservation at Cais de 4 on a Saturday evening just half an hour before. Note that the menu on their website needs an update.The restaurant is small, but cozy and very well decorated. The plates are from Vista Alegre and silverware from Cutipol, 2 great-quality portuguese brands The waiter was really nice without being pretensious. I chose the Wellington steak (18eur) and my partner the pork loin with alheira (portuguese sausage made with game) (13.5). However, I was quite surprise when we tried to pair the wines and our first 2 choices were not available, The first one was Cartuxa tinto(23.5eur I think), and the second Duas Quintas (18eur). The wines were very reasonably priced, though. There was only one choice available by the glass (EA), although it wasn't mentioned on the list. The waiter ended up bringing a suggestion that wasn't on the list, "São José tinto 2009" (from the Douro valley), and said that if we didn't like the wine after tasting he would take it back not charging us. This was a nice, albeit unexpected atittude, since we weren't very familiar with some of the wines and others didn't please us, and we were almost going to skip the wine.My Wellington steak (the cut was from the loin, I was told by the waiter) was ok. The meat was tender, although not juicy, and the puff pastry wasn't crispy. It was a soggy, single layer of butter and flour. My partner's pork tenderloin was however, really tasty, and the flavours of the alheira were really a plus. For dessert we shared a mango panacotta with pumpkin jam (4.50eur, and once again not featured on the menu). Only 3 other options were available as we were told that the dessert menu we were presented with was not accurate anymore. The panacotta was a bit hard on texture, almost like eating a jelly candy. The jam was like a piece of a solid brick on top of the panacotta (the amount of jam was for sure bigger than the panacotta itself). Definitely very disappointing. The service, decor and music of the restaurant are 5*. The food, unfortunately, is not.

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